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rye corporate events styling & planning

Immerse yourself in all the coastal cool, courtesy of our Player’s Dinner for the Slync.io Golf Cup, where we orchestrated an occasion that effortlessly exuded the essence of the Slync brand. Curated with a white and blue theme for an on-brand experience, we set up the event at one of the beach clubs within the JA resort, where the poolside provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable dinner. To infuse the design with a sense of modern beach club vibes, we introduced two beachside tipi lounges, each featuring inviting fire pits that added warmth to the atmosphere. The dining set-up was the epitome of modern elegance, complete with driftwood accents, succulents and white flowery centerpieces. The tables themselves were dresses in crisp white with navy blue dining chairs, creating a sleek yet masculine ambience that resonated perfectly with the Slync ethos. 


Beach Club Vibes