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rye corporate events styling & planning

Let us introduce you to the DIOR Desert Dinner, an opulent fusion of black, white and vibrant yellow touches that artfully brought the desert to life in serious style. The event commenced with a sunset drinks reception, along with camel rides throughout the desert’s golden sands. For the ultimate dining experience, we opted for a rustic yet minimalist set-up, incorporating an abundance of natural wood 
elements, pottery cases and hints of yellow for a pop of colour. The food itself was an Arabic-themed buffet, delighting the senses with a rich tapestry of flavours and crowd-pleasing dishes. After guests had wined and dined, the ambience was transformed with intimacy, as everyone gathered around the firepit for music. A plush lounge area in the main tent, with low sofa seating and elegant soft furnishings awaited, creating a luxurious haven of comfort and style. This DIOR Desert Dinner was a curated collision of culture, nature and luxury, leaving an indelible mark in the sand. 


A Decadent DIOR Desert Dinner