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rye corporate events styling & planning

Our team at Rock Your Event created an undeniably cool maritime experience that unfolded against the stunning backdrop of Dubai Marina. The luncheon began as guests embarked onto a luxurious yacht, cruising through the azure waters of the marina, before docking at the iconic 101 for a decadent dining set-up out on the deck. Alongside unrivalled views across the seascape, guests were surrounded by white, blue and grey colour palette inspired by the shades of the ocean, with a considered coastal theme. The table centerpiece designs mirrored the delicate beauty of coral formations found beneath the sea, adding an elegant yet aquatic touch to the event. Our design for this corporate event embraced the splendour of simplicity, creating a stylish dining experience that resonated with the spirit of DIOR.


A Dior Luncheon with Oceanic Touches