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rye social events styling & planning

Travelling from the UK in search of an extraordinary desert adventure with all the bells and whistles, this client was seeking a unique and exclusive experience that Rock Your Event were ready and raring to create, complete with endless lavish details that set the stage for an unforgettable occasion. The journey began with a beautifully illuminated entrance, setting the tone for an incredible evening that awaited, featuring a dramatic tablescape underneath a canopy. Atop the dunes, sunset drinks and decadent canapés unfolded, featuring low seating adorned with an abundance of plush furnishings. Guests were immersed in the ultimate comfort and luxury as they sipped on the drinks, soaking up the serene desert ambiance that is near enough impossible to find elsewhere. Moving down to the final moments of theexperience, their culinary desires were met with a private chef who served up a delicious dinner – where every element of the event was out-of-this-world. 

private dinner

A Private Dinner in the Desert