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rye wedding styling & planning

Expect a myriad of colours, oversized rose quartz crystals and endless creativity. Charlie and Sami’s wedding offered a meadow-inspired celebration bursting with vibrancy. Each guest table had a different theme based on a crystal’s name, where every guest was gifted with a bangle that featured the stone. For a relaxed and fun feel, they couple had a flower crown station where guests could craft their own floral headpieces, and heart stones were handed out to loved ones to hold during their heartfelt ceremony. And although the rain interrupted their plans, meaning we had to move from the beach to the marquee, this unexpected twist turned out for the very best as it was such a unique and unusual occasion. Charlie and Sami’s wedding proved to embrace the unexpected and find beauty in every moment. 

charlie & sami

A Meadow-Inspired and Free-Spirited Celebration